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There are two basic kinds of people in this world...the takers and the givers.  Stated another way, as a person, I will either be seeking to give what I consider valuable to others, or I will be seeking to take what I consider valuable from others.

What kind of person are YOU?

So, here is a question for you.  If you knew of children who don't have adults caring for them...who may not have enough to eat each day, or inadequate shelter or clothing, what would you DO about that?  Feel sorry for them = do nothing.  Pray for them = do nothing.  Give some money to an organization who is meeting their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, but which is shaping the children to be non-productive, taker adults?  While that is certainly not 'nothing', it is NOT fixing the basic problem but is rather perpetuating it.

Below is our work to try and change a generation of people.  We plan to do that through a 'world view' that is superior to any that exists on the earth today.  It is a perspective that is free from the wrongness of religion as well as free from the hopelessness of non-religious people.  It is the correct solution for all of us - to care about what is true and right and to live by what is true and right motivated by love.

Below you can see and learn about about us and this work.  We highly encourage you to communicate with us about any concerns.  We also encourage you to think about where your money would be best spent...treating the symptoms or providing the cure?

The link below will bring you to our GoFundMe page.  Please consider supporting this very important work that will provide not only the basic needs of neglected children, but also the cure or solution so that the children will not grow up to be part of the problem.

First Children's Village Work in Uganda

Geof Byekwaso Geof
Geof and Tim in Kenya Fall 2015 Geof and Tim Kenya Fall 2015

Photos of Representative Children We Are Trying to Reach:

Kampala Children 1 Kampala Children 2  
Kampala Children 3 Kampala Children 4  


April 28th, 2016 Blog Entry

We have started a new work! The work is called, "Children's Village in Uganda".  Geof in Uganda will lead the work there. We are using GoFundMe as the means to generate funds for the work. If you'd like to donate to that work, please do so through the button below:

Here is a description of the work:

Who we are and what we are raising money for:

We are people who know the solution to people's problems and want to start a new generation in Africa who will also know the solution, 
and thus become adults who give and not take...fix and not destroy...provide life and light, not death and darkness.

We are people who see children first as important human beings who - if they are not given a way out of the life people are placing them in - will be inexorably destined to be part of humanity's problems instead of part of the solution . We are people who see children with very little hope and good purpose in their lives, and who want to change that.    We are working to produce a generation of people willing to solve their own problems instead of looking to others to solve their problems.

We believe that throwing money at people has not and does not work.  Just look at many nations in Africa today. If people do not have a good and strong character of caring about what is true and right and living accordinly, then you get what you see.  Corruption and money that was intended for good just funneled off to those in power and their relatives.  Money is necessary for this work, but without local accountability...without people sharing their lives together and knowing each other...human nature will use that money for selfish purposes.

The solution is not national in scope, but rather local in scope.  The solution is showing and training children how people ought to live and having that grassroots knowledge spread throughout people groups by example and truth, not by authoritarian dictate.  Our solution has adults accountable to each other in a tight knit community, not some politician who the people cannot see how they live their lives.  Our solution is not bound by cultural or tribal traditions, but rather transcends those normally destructive and divisive forces.

We are people who see that religion is oftentimes part of humanity's problems instead of being part of the solution.  God is often used to control people and to take from people and to condemn those who are different.  God is used to divide people and to justify fearing and hating others.  We avoid that problem : )

We are people who see how politicians in much of the world cannot overcome their own destructive self-pride, fear and selfishness, and thus are part of the problem instead of part of he solution.

We are raising money to form a pioneer school and tight knit community or village of people for the children to be raised in.  If we take children off the street and out of the influence of neglectful and abusive and apathetic adults; and we raise them with adults who truly care about what is true and right and who know what real love is, we will make a significant difference!   We can produce people who will be a force in Africa for real, meaningful, sustained change for the better.  The children we raise and train will go out and form self-sustaining communities themselves, and teach others how to solve their own problems instead of looking to others.  Our children will become adults who are powerful change agents for good in this sad world.

How the Money Will be Used:

1.  Purchase land for the school/community including land for shelters/housing, farm and animal husbandry;
2.  Purchase house/shelter construction materials if we cannot find a good property that already has them;
3.  Purchase grain and animals for a self-sustaining existence;
4.  Provide a training curriculum for the children and adults - a curriculum that is revolutionary and effective;
5.  Provide support - food, clothing and shelter - for the adults running the school and training the children;
6.  Provide materials for outreach to get our model and idea out to others in the area.

We will produce photos of our work as well as expenditure statements available on- line to anyone who wants to see how the money is being spent.

How Soon We Need the Funds:

Yesterday.  Children are being neglected, abused, ignored, thrown away and being training in wrongness today.

Why This Means So Much to Us

Because we care about people.  Someone has lifted us out of a destructive and purposeless and hopeless life, and it is our great pleasure to give back and love back!  We have experienced love and rightness and now we live to reproduce it : )

Whatever you can give, we can promise the following:

1.  We will have a greater long term impact for good than any other people working to bring good change in Africa today.
2.  We will not spend the money foolishly or wastefully and we will be totally open and accountable to our donors via on-line photos and expenditure statements.  People are free to visit the work in Uganda.
3.  You can be assured that your money is being spent in the best way possible to change the course of human life in Africa.

Please spread the word on this important work!

Click above to donate.


Come, solve the most important and difficult problems in your life and the lives of those around you...join the Peaceful Revolution!

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