Audio Messages From The Peaceful Revolution

Audio Messages

"If you continue in my words/teachings/truth...then you will know the truth that will set you free!"

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Kingdom Titles

Date File Size
The Peaceful Revolution: What Is It? August 2017 5Meg
The Great Bible Falsehood Part 1 August 2017 5Meg
The Great Bible Falsehood Part 2: The Bible Conversation August 2017 5Meg
If You Continue in My Word... October 2017 5 Meg
Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? October 2017 5 Meg
Working for Money? October 2017 5 Meg
The False Christian Gospel Versus the True Gospel November 2017 5 Meg
The Christian Way Versus the Way's Way November 2017 5 Meg
A Message to Young People November 2017 5 Meg
Light versus Darkness November 2017 5 Meg

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